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If the length of time in braces is keeping you from having straight teeth and a beautiful smile, the Wilckodontics® procedure may be right for you.  The Wilckodontics® procedure moves teeth 3 to 4 times faster than conventional braces, shortening the total treatment time to 3 to 8 months!


How does Wilckodontics® work?

Wilckodontics®, also known as Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (AOO)™, can be completed in such a short time because the teeth are able to move much faster through the bone’s dense structure.  Under normal circumstances, the change to bone structure, or the “remodeling process,” occurs very slowly.  However, Wilckdontics® uses a minimally invasive periodontal procedure to soften the dense supporting bone and accelerate the remodeling process.  This allows the teeth to move the teeth to their new positions much faster.  Once in position, the teeth are held in position with routine braces and specialized Wilckodontics® appliances until the supporting bone hardens around the teeth.  The supporting bone completely heals in approximately eight months, and even becomes stronger than before the procedure, preventing the “sunken-face” appearance that accompanies aging.  The result is a beautiful, outstanding smile that will last for years to come!


Is Wilckodontics® safe?

Yes! The process used to demineralate and soften bone has been used for over 100 years in the orthopedic field.  Wilckodontics® simply modifies the procedure to help straighten teeth.  Naturally, all surgical procedures, no matter how minimally invasive, are accompanied by risk, so be sure to discuss these risks with your orthodontist.  Most patients only report minor discomfort such as minor swelling and possibly light bruising from the periodontal procedure, but these usually resolve within a week or so.  Most patients are back to their daily routine within a day.  The orthodontic experience is actually improved using Wilckodontics® because the bone is softened and wire adjustments are less painful than with conventional braces.

Is Wilckodontics® right for me?

Wilckodontics® can be performed on all ages as long as all permanent teeth are present and you have a healthy bone structure.

To learn more about Wilckodontics®, please feel free to contact our office.  We look forward to answering any questions you may have and to giving you the beautiful smile you deserve!

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